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OH_itsL0VE [userpic]
by OH_itsL0VE (oh_itsl0ve)
at July 11th, 2005 (07:07 pm)

Now love__stillness has 3 affiliates, hurrah.

Welcome the 2 new ones, obiwanstillness and padme_stillness

Guys im really sorry, as soon as i get more members we can begin.

If you can please promote! I'd appricate it so much!

OH_itsL0VE [userpic]
by OH_itsL0VE (oh_itsl0ve)
at July 11th, 2005 (02:53 am)

Sorry guys, theres still not many who've joined. PLEASE promote, im trying myself but its quite hard with a job knacking at me. Im free all week though, so hopefully i'll get the word out so i can get the challenge up and running.

I HAVE IT MADE, just need people.

OH_itsL0VE [userpic]
Grand Opening
by OH_itsL0VE (oh_itsl0ve)
at July 7th, 2005 (04:43 pm)

»This is an icon challenge community dedicated to Fandoms of all kind, love for a thing/person/movie etc... also a romance will be featured to keep the saying of Love pure. Please Note: I am a fandom whore, therefore it will mainly be fandoms in the use of having love for an actor/actress/movie/song.. etc.. & that its also just a love for still icons, so its not mainly romance.
»Rules of this community will be located here. It will also show you information about the Timeline and the proper way to submit your entry here.

»Preview of what to expect from this community. Just so you know what you're joining in to and what you'd expect to see and look forward to.

- Back to the Basics;
___Show your skill in making an icon base. (colorizing, texture&gradiants can be used softly)
- Choice;
___Icon maker may chose any way they please to make an icon, most likly with a specific picture.
- Color;
___An icon that emphasis a single color. Doesnt have to all be the color but must be majority of the color or it flaunts the color in the icon.
- Decorative;
___Use the textures and gradiants that make your icons shine and be beautiful!, Some might be a required texture or gradiant, others may include your own. Or if you wish to use something other than textures or gradiants, i will permit it. BUT has to be decorated, nothing plain and nothign simple.
- Description;
___This is basically using a specific thing to describe a scene or thing. ie: humorous. disquisting. sexy. beautiful. cute. adorable. crazy. fun. hyper. etc...
- Emotional;
___This is what it says, using emotion. Or as some people call it, theme. ie: happy. sad. upset. joy. etc...
- Lyrics;
___This uses lyrics, either a specific line in the lyric must be used or a song will be picked out, provide lyrics and the icon maker (you) will chose which line that will be used. minimum of 4 words.
- Text;
___Similar to lyrics, except this time its a required line. Or a idea of a line in which the icon maker can make up their own text. small unreadable text is allowed however there must be a line which can be read as well
- Textless;
___NO text allowed, except for the small unreadable kind.

- BotB;
___Best of the Best. You submit your best icon work which could of been submited into other challenges and are being showned off and tested to be the best of the best submitted!

Please Note that i will provide 3 pictures, unless stated other wise, others may be found and used. Just so its better for those who cant go searching for their own pictures. --

NOW JOIN already! Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Comment on this entry please.

Will need 10 members
in order to post the first Challenge.

We have 2 members, thanks for joining, we need 8 more to get under way, so why dont you join?!

Your Mod,

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